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King Dream Delivers a Testament to Everlasting Love on “Past, Present, Future”

King Dream is thrilled to release their new single, “Past, Present, Future”, now available on all streaming platforms.

“Past, Present, Future” is the second single off of King Dream’s upcoming album Glory Daze V, which is slated to release in January. Written during lockdown, this song imbues renewing one’s commitment to their partner in the face of a chaotic present and an uncertain future. This song is the follow up to “The Wild Card”, which released last month.

“‘Past Present Future’ is about staying connected, fostering growth in your relationship while honoring what drew you together in the early stages of romance. To lean in and love deeper in the face of turmoil. To spin an impenetrable cocoon around your love, no matter how bleak the outside forces. It’s about finding balance between empathy and boundaries so as not to be consumed by factors beyond your control.”

King Dream is a Bay Area rock ‘n’ roll band helmed by Oakland native Jeremy Lyon, a lifelong songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who crafts dive bar anthems with heart, brains and soul. Hard-rocking yet poignant, his music combines a love for American rock masters like Springsteen and Petty with ‘60s West Coast psychedelia and more contemporary torch-bearers like My Morning Jacket and The War on Drugs — all brought to life by a band of Northern California’s most in-demand players.

yon has played Outside Lands and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, toured nationally and internationally, and also knows what it’s like to busk on the street. King Dream songs deftly balance hope and world-weariness. They seem wise beyond their years, and they also have a way of sneaking up on you. Their shout-along choruses and searing guitar solos are at home in a darkened saloon, to be sure, but also — you know the giddy, ragged vulnerability that arrives when you’ve been awake for way too long on a road trip? Between the good times and the clinks of beer bottles these songs inspire a wistfulness, deep in your bones, for a place you’ve never been.

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