Hunter Metts Shares Introspective New Alt-Folk Ballad in “Thread”

The raw emotions of heartbreak

Enigmatic Nashville artist, songwriter, & producer Hunter Metts has shared his introspective alt-folk ballad “Thread.” The track comes on the heels of his recent label signing with Position Music, and will be featured on his forthcoming album, out in 2024. The evocative song delves into the raw emotions of heartbreak and the poignant narrative of lingering in a relationship that has exceeded its prime.

“‘Thread’ is my latest offering in an evolving repertoire,” says Hunter. “It hints at the distinctive folk-alternative genre that seamlessly weaves haunting melodies and deeply personal lyrics, and creates an immersive sonic experience.”

Growing up in a musical family, Hunter Metts began playing the piano at a young age, and eventually started playing guitar and writing his own songs. He produces solely out of a spare room and has a close circle of creators that help with the projects. Hunter’s music is characterized by his soulful and emotive vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and acoustic guitar-driven melodies. He cites artists such as Paper Kites, Bon Iver, and Novo Amor as key musical inspirations. 

Hunter has released several songs independently, including “Nothing to Lose” and “Paper Moon,” which showcase his ability to blend personal storytelling with catchy melodies. Some of his notable collaborations include Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Henry Brill, Tristan Bushman, Chandler Leighton, Dave Thomas Jr, Caleb Hearn, Cody Lovaas, Luke Niccoli, Jonah Kagen, and more. 

What do you think of Hunter Metts’ “Thread”?

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