Alt-Rockers IOTA Release Highly Anticipated New Single “Medicine”

A remarkable addition to their growing discography

Bristol’s own alternative rock band IOTA is thrilled to release their much-anticipated single “Medicine,” out now on all streaming platforms along with an accompanying video.

With a unique sound, IOTA has become known for their dynamic blend of powerful vocals, emotionally charged lyrics and mesmerizing instrumentals; “Medicine” promises to be a remarkable addition to their growing discography.

The band’s creative process for “Medicine” was deeply personal, drawing on the mental and physical response to a traumatic event and the feeling that is making you feel sick becoming the new norm. Lead-singer Jodie describes the event like: “I lost my business, my music studio, plus all of our equipment in a fire and the response that was and is extremely overwhelming both mentally and physically, which resulted in panic and anxiety attacks of all kinds. It really became the norm to feel these manic episodes of sickness, and I didn’t know who I was without them.”

Fans can expect a song that delves into IOTA’s signature sound and is sure to resonate with both existing fans and new listeners. Throughout their existence, IOTA has garnered a loyal following, which solidifies their place in the alternative rock scene. Previously, the band was named one of Jack Saunders Future Artists (BBC Radio 1) for their single Demons, with additional Radio 1 plays from Nels Hylton – Future Alternative who supported “Take It.”

Mustering up the tyrants of shoegaze, grunge’s past and echoing influences of early ’00s and ’90s rock, IOTA bare all with their raw and driving sound in Bristol’s DIY scene. Honed in their lock-away studio, their sound is owed to a heavily focused and collaborative writing process.

Fronted by a vocal that breathes emotive grit, IOTA channels the voice that’s somewhere deep in your head. Without warning, whispers become all-out screams. Dreamlike harmonies evoke deep-rooted feelings that coarse through the band’s ever-present distorted climaxes.

What do you think of IOTA’s new single?

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