Alt-Pop/Rock Artist Dolly Dagger Releases Bold New Debut EP Nightmare

In the immortal words of Jimi Hendrix, “Here comes Dolly Dagger…” Named after the iconic Hendrix song, Australian-born Los Angeles artist Dolly Dagger is doing her namesake justice with her fiery debut EP Nightmare. With gorgeous vocal melodies and crushing rock guitar riffs that sear themselves deep inside your brain, the power of these songs is undeniable. Dolly’s true talent and real rock ’n’ roll grit ooze from every track of the 4-song EP.

“This is my survival. It always has been and will likely stay that way,” says Dolly. “Art is the vessel to process our emotions and then release them. I had a therapist once tell me I had a blockage. She said I needed to scream in order to release it, so for a while I’ve looked at singing and thrashing around with a guitar as therapy.”

Dolly proves herself an expert at weaving her struggles into empowering rock anthems. Emotional impact is cranked up high throughout these tracks, with poetic lyrics that effortlessly lace themes of perception, reshaping life for the better, and above all else, perseverance through the trials and tribulations of being in a creative profession. She has also produced, directed and edited her newest music video for the track “SICK” to be released alongside the EP, featuring footage of Dolly’s captivating live performance along with cowriter and guitarist Jesse McInturff.

Dolly Dagger will also be celebrating the release of the EP Nightmare with a live concert in Los Angeles at The Paramount on October 27.

“This EP defines what we’re working towards,” says Dolly. “We’re really excited for what’s next.”

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