Audius Music Platform Makes Direct On Platform Payments to Artists Possible

Its the largest decentralized music streaming service

As Platform & Stream reports, Audius, the first community-owned music platform and largest decentralized service, officially launched its music marketplace in beta, allowing its 6 million music fans to support their favorite artists with direct payments.

The platform makes it possible to pay artists in USDC, which can be converted by artists and rights holders to the currency of their choice including USD, EUR, GBP, or most other currencies.

Also, Audius fans can pay artists more than the list price for their music by adding an extra payment to further support their favorite artists. These new innovations give creators control in pricing their music for access in streams and downloads while delivering instant payouts.

Additionally, Audius announced today that it has secured a deal with the world’s leading independent distributor DistroKid, which when fully integrated, will empower a huge number of independent artists to upload their music to Audius with a click of a button. It is estimated that DistroKid distributes more than 30% of all the world’s new music.

Audius also announced a partnership with Ampsuite, the label operations management platform owned by Beatport, the leading source of music for DJs, producers, and their fans. The partnership will make it easy for hundreds of labels to distribute their music to Audius.

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