Astro Boy Spin-Off “PLUTO” Revealed its Trailer and Release Date

Osamu Tezuka, the creator of the anime Astro Boy is known to be the “Father of Manga”, “God of Manga”, and “Godfather of Manga”. So, it’s no surprise that the Astro Boy spin-off is based upon his great foundations.

Recently, Netflix revealed the official trailer for the PLUTO anime, as well as details about its release date.

The manga, PLUTO, by Urasawa and Nagasaki is a futuristic spin-off of Astro Boy which was from the ’60s. Robots and humans chill together after a big bad war but then post-war trauma starts to kick in and the anti-war vibes hit them.

In the trailer, we witness a humanoid robot inspector named Gesicht who’s working for Europol and is on a mission to hunt down a rogue robot. His investigation takes him to the secret hideout of a cloaked robot made out of an insect-shaped nanobot in a silo fought by Gesicht with a little trouble and moves on with his investigation.

Meanwhile, there’s a giant hulking being with horns waiting at the end of the cake who is also the main villain of the series and is the namesake of PLUTO. As the trailer ends, we also get to see the hero “Astro Boy” also known as “Atom” along with his robot sister Uran.

PLUTO will debut on October 26, 2023, and you can watch it on Netflix. From the looks of things, the Astro Boy spin-off could be a banger.

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