Another Reissue Box Set is on the Way, The Replacements ‘Tim’

The album was the band’s first on a major label back in 1985

Reissue specialists Rhino will reissue The Replacements’ major label debut album Tim Paul Westerberg and the band released back in 1985 as a box set. The release date is set for September 22, 2023.

The set will comprise 4 CDs, one LP and a hardcover book featuring photos and a new Bob Mehr essay, a live album recorded at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago in 1986, and 50 previously unheard tracks, including the shelved sessions produced by Big Star’s Alex Chilton.

Mehr, the band’s biographer, says in a press release: “After nearly 40 years, Tim remains a charmed collision of intention and accident, a balance of deliberate anthems and tossed-off gems, of raucous release and refined beauty—and a record that perfectly captures the band’s fraught but always compelling ascent on the ladder of success.”

Stasium’s new mix is on the vinyl that comes with the box, and the CD set additionally features a 2023 remaster of the original mix.

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