Social Listening App Vertigo Launches New Artist Lounges

The goal is to link "eyes, ears, and streams"

As Platform & Stream reports, the social listening app Vertigo has launched a new feature called Artist Lounges.
These are virtual rooms “where artists and fans can listen, interact, and bond over streaming tracks and live audio/video.”

These spaces are designed “to give artists and their teams a place to gather fans and host unique events, from release celebrations and listening parties to new video premieres.”

What is also enticing for artists is the fact that “every time a fan listens to a track or watches content with music, it’s a paid stream.”

Vertigo Global Head of Creator Services Phoenix Stone, who has 200 million records sold behind him had this to say about the new Vertigo feature:

“There’s a huge gap between streaming services and social platforms, between eyeballs and streams. Artists, managers, and labels are always hunting for new ways to get more people to listen to music streaming services. We’re closing the gap between eyeballs and ears so that streams happen at the moment content is consumed by the fan. This gives the artist a unique opportunity to boost streams in a listening lounge or by creating content at any strategic time.”

Vertigo’s social app concept is based on patented tech which links subscribers’ streaming accounts and synchronizes them, so that no matter whether they subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify, they can listen with others, as well as share high-quality video, audio, and text to enrich the interaction. Artists also can use Vertigo to show a new music video for the first time, and every eye on that video also generates a paid stream.

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