Fender Has Found That 16 Million Americans Picked Up The Guitar During The Pandemic

Guitar sales spiked dramatically due to COVID-19

As Digital Music News reports, a new study conducted by guitar and amp giants Fender and YouGov interviewed 10,644 “demographically representative” individuals between the ages of 13 and 64.

Entitled “Fender’s New Guitar Player Landscape Analysis” the goal of the study was to find out the reasons behind the recent spike in guitar sales that Fender recorded.

The study found out that “62% of beginner guitarists said that the COVID-19 pandemic was an important, driving factor in beginning their guitar journey,” the report relays.

Additionally, 77% of respondents “reported that they found themselves with additional free time during this period, which they used to play and practice,” and 72% of study participants were 13 to 34 years old, as initially mentioned. Plus, 33% of the 16 million or so new players pinpointed by Fender “have a family member who has owned a guitar.”

Expanding upon the point, “53% of beginners spend 2 hours or less practicing a week, but on average, they believe practicing 4 hours a week for 1-2 years is what it will take to ‘get good’ at guitar,” the text discloses.

Finally, “58% of beginners use TikTok weekly or more frequently,” with a full 67% of beginners consuming guitar content “at least weekly if not daily,” at 19% for daily and 48% for weekly.

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