‘Botto,’ The Art Robot Has Fetched A Million Euros So Far For Its Artwork

The images have been auctioned off as NFTs

According to a report by Euronews, ‘Botto,’ a robot which creates work of art has had its work on the art market for a few weeks and “has already raked in more than €1 million from its first four NFT artworks at auction.”

The artificial intelligence-fueled robot uses algorithms to analyze millions of works of art and produce its own.

Introducing itself as “a generative algorithm whose only destiny is to create”, Botto refers to Leonardo da Vinci as its main inspiration, saying “I don’t think we’ll ever see someone like that again”.

As Euronews notes, Botto’s style could better be defined as fluctuating, as the machine paints everything from colorful landscapes to deconstructed portraits.

“Botto creates a sentence, feeds that into a neuro network, and gets an image back. And that neuro network has seen more art, more images, than any single human being around,” explains Mario Klingemann, the German artist behind this project.

Every week, the A.I. system creates 350 new images which it shares with a community of 5,000 users who then vote for their favorite ones.

At the end of each week, one image is chosen to be auctioned off as an NFT on a platform called ‘SuperRare’, where collectors can bid for it.

Botto is learning from all this feedback. It looks for patterns in what the community likes and adapts its art based on its findings.

“All the votes from the community go back to the artificial intelligence which tries to develop a sense of taste. So it looks at the fragments it creates and then tries to determine whether the audience will like this or will they hate it. And the more information it gets from the community, the more sure it will be in its judgment. What it should do what it should not do, almost like a child,” added Klingemann.

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