Coming Up: A one-night-only premiere of a new ‘Sopranos’ documentary

Just a few days before the 2021 New Year

A new documentary about the making of The Sopranos (probably one of the best TV series ever) is to have a one-night-only premiere at the end of December.

Titled My Dinner With Alan: A Sopranos Session, the documentary is set to explore the workings of the beloved show from the perspective of critics and cast members.

The viewers will also be able to hear from Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz, who wrote the award-winning book The Sopranos Sessions, at Holsten’s in Bloomfield New Jersey which is where the last scene of the show was shot.

The streaming premiere will include two bonus features: the first being a reunion of key cast members at Il Cortile, a Little Italy restaurant the actors would go after their characters had been killed off.

The second bonus will offer fans a rare interview with creator David Chase, reminiscing on his childhood memories of Newark and his plans to take The Sopranos to the big screen next year.

The premiere, set for December 27 at 7pm GMT, will be streaming exclusively through DICE and will be available in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand with a U.S. release still to be announced.

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