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Twitter legend @dril gets an Adult Swim show

The account has always trafficked in absurdist humor

In the entire history of Twitter, there’s a good chance no single account has delivered more laughs than @dril. The pseudonymous account, which use the username “wint” along with a blurry vintage photo of Jack Nicholson as its avatar, has always trafficked in the sort of absurdist humor long associated with the loose collective known as Weird Twitter. 

The account posts strange, non-sequitur humor, and often posts by celebrities and politicians are placed side-by-side with old dril tweets that go by a similar theme. His most famous tweets: 

dril’s identity was revealed in 2017, and he wrote a book the following year, along with launching a Patreon with over 1,000 followers. Now, per a tweet last week, dril is going to have an (online) TV series with Adult Swim.  

According to a minute-long trailer, the show is called Truthpoint, and co-stars dril himself – in a cartoonish mask – opposite a co-host going by the name Erik Estevez-Olsen. It appears to be a parody news show that’s mocking, all at once, cable news, Alex Jones’ Infowars, and “the dark web.” It’s scheduled to debut at midnight Wednesday on Adult Swim’s website. 

The show looks promising from that brief clip, although stuff like Infowars is so ridiculous on its face that it’s hard to parody. Jordan Klepper tried that with his former Comedy Central show, and it didn’t last for very long. Also, with Jones himself banned from just about every major social media platform, the timing is sort of odd for a parody of his style.  

At any rate, the news seems to have led to a meta-debate among his fans over whether or not @dril has “sold out,” although – as is often the case with irony-based Weird Twitter stuff – it’s unclear if anyone ever suggested with any seriousness that there was anything wrong with dril leveraging his decade-plus of influential viral fame into money and fame. dril himself weighed in: 

If the Adult Swim show doesn’t work out, dril can always go back and resume volunteering at the Betsy Ross Museum. 

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