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The Soft Underground – Morning World Reaction

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Morning World is as eclectic as they come. The new LP by The Soft Underground is an ambitious medley, infused with all of the subtlest of grunge nuances, interwoven in songs for all moods and occasions.

The album is extremely diverse, but the songs can generally be divided into two categories. The first one is the expected, full-on, all-out grunge bangers which we all know, love and miss, but the second category is what makes Morning World truly stand out.

The palpable stylistic theme that pops up in this second, still eclectic category, is nostalgia. Sometimes, it comes in the form of unassuming guitar and slide guitar solos which discretely drift along very ’90s-like rhythmical, catchy progressions and hit the melancholic bitter-sweet spot. This is particularly true in the eponymous song “Morning World” which can be defined as the boiled-down essence of the album, at least when it comes to its more lyrical aspects. The song’s evocative vocals sound like a confession, somewhat reminiscent of Eddie Vedder’s effusions.

THECLECTIK's latest is a mad mix of hip-hop fusion that may sound crazy on paper, but it works in execution; and the project's to the point lyrics about navigating society in an ever more disconnected world make for one of the more intriguing listens of the year so far.
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"Tape Recorder" is a neat and extremely interesting, albeit challenging, album to experience. It's likely to be quite unlike anything you've ever listened to - shimmering with nuanced note choices and a delicate balance of melancholy.

“Among Angels” and its kind of heavy, fizz-laden progressions and rhythm conjures up the Cranberries, and once again, the singing sounds open, bare, genuine.

“Times Goes By,” as the title suggests, is again a tribute to the passage of time, best felt in its haunting guitar melodies and slide solos.

“Sullen Eyes” is my personal favorite. It’s one of those classic ’90s grunge/alternative rock songs which sound as if they’ve been recorded on the fly from a bedroom and straight from the heart. It’s simple, yet catchy guitar progression becomes the perfect backdrop for strikingly haunting slide guitar solos to carry you along the story which sounds like the singer’s open letter you’re lucky to be privy to. It’s the kind of song that could give a lot of substance and flavor to a film montage.

“Addi,” on the other hand, sounds almost like a song you’d expect to hear in some fancy New York cocktail party in the ’60s. A testament to The Soft Underground’s incredible range and flexibility of expression.

Overall, a great and exciting album that you wouldn’t get fed up with easily, whether you’re a grunge fan or not.

The Soft Underground – Morning World Reaction
'Morning World' is an incredibly eclectic mix of grunge ballads and bangers that evokes both nostalgia and hope for a better grunge future.

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