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Lionlimb – Tape Recorder Reaction

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Droning Radiohead influence intertwines with gentle, violin-spiced dissonance throughout Lionlimb’s “Tape Recorder” album.

I’m a sucker for anything rock-leaning with violins in it, and much like my current fascination “Little Tybee,” the many incorporated elements in Lionlimb’s songs combine to beautiful effect.

Unlike Little Tybee, Lionlimb drift further out from major scales to satisfy our need for musical discomfort. The album’s first track “Clover” proves this quite clearly – going full-on Gentle Giant in its Baroque bout of madness towards the end.

Madness verges on malice nearing the end of “Maria.” A single key sets to chime like church bells in a chill. There’s a desolate dimension to the band’s music that gives it all a Tim Burton-styled darkness.

Sonically and melodically The Wombat's latest album is a beautiful record who's bubbling upbeatness is infectious which creates an interesting dynamic between it's content full of heartbreak and a bad love. This may not be one of the deepest nor thought provoking rock albums I've heard in recent memory but it's certainly one of the most enjoyable. And sometimes that's what it's all about.
While Django Django's previous efforts felt a bit more artsy in intention, the experimentation on Marble Skies feels done with the sole purpose of creating something fun. And it is fun, it's a lighthearted, head nodding romp full of brilliant melodies and earworm hooks. It's almost impossible not to be pulled into their joyous orbit.
Powerful, melodic, and lonesome guitar solos and sections, as well as instrumentals and vocals to match, are pivotal to the band's sound, making The Begowatts’ Grand Charade an EP even picky, nostalgic rock lovers would find themselves tapping and playing air guitar to.

Droning Radiohead influence intertwines with gentle, violin-spiced dissonance throughout…

“Star Mangled,” in particular, instantly brings to mind a tune entitled “Patient is the Night” composed for mini-series Over the Garden Wall. Both are mellow with melancholy and a nearly meditative delight to listen to.

The album’s titular track “Tape Recorder” is a solemn, piano-driven piece. The vocalist, by now familiar, breathes over the ballad, at times immersed in a sorrowful cloud of string portamento. All in all, there’s a Dustin O’ Halloran feel to it. At least, right up until it breaks off into a gallop of howling rhythm.

“Swallow’s Song” is a bit too challenging for my taste – taking the experimental facet of the album’s sound up another notch. It plays like ghost music up until the end, where it does an about face into a more straightforward classical arrangement blanketed over rhythmic stabs as sharp as chip-tunes.

“Velvet” wraps the album up with martial energy. It’s big and bold as a marching band up to the halfway point, where it breaks down to a quieter, more unsettling composition before blowing away in a breeze of muted horns.

“Tape Recorder” is a neat and extremely interesting album to experience. It’s likely to be quite unlike anything you’ve ever listened to – shimmering with nuanced note choices and a delicate balance of melancholy. What are your thoughts?

Lionlimb – Tape Recorder Reaction
"Tape Recorder" is a neat and extremely interesting, albeit challenging, album to experience. It's likely to be quite unlike anything you've ever listened to - shimmering with nuanced note choices and a delicate balance of melancholy.

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