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Jacquees – 4275 Reaction

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The fact that Jacquees even got his debut project out on the musical wasteland that’s become Cash Money is a miracle all in itself. And the fact that he did it with music that resembles something from two decades ago, is even more so a miracle. We’ve gained enough distance from the ’90s that that style of R&B is now considered ‘old school’/’classic’ and artists from this current musical generation are showing their reverence for the likes of Ginuwine, Usher, and the likes; and none more so than Jacquees. Laced throughout the entirety of 4275 is that ’90s DNA and if it’s ever not clear enough just from his sound, he throws in copious samples and guest appearances for good measure. But it’s not just simple mimicry, while he has those clear influences he makes it all his own and his vocals are more than strong enough to carve out his own distinct sound. The subject matter however, is almost exclusively and explicitly about sex (which if that isn’t ’90s R&B then I don’t know what is). 4275 is a nice trip down memory lane while Jacquees still brings enough new swagger to the table to make it not feel like a tribute album.

It’s a good listen (Drake doesn’t put out bad listens), but there’s a whole lot that I like on 'Scorpion' but almost nothing I loved. I don’t think I’ve ever skipped through a Drake project as much as I have here. There’s still quotables for days but you gotta get through a lot of uninspired filler to get to it.
'K.T.S.E.' was much more soulful, chilled out, and low key than I would have ever imagined, and while she showed a level of true artistry I never knew she had and Ye's production was generally strong, I went through all 8 tracks still without getting a clear picture of who she was as an artist or a person, and it just didn't make that strong of a statement - despite it being a pleasant listen.
Yes, Tinashe does have a nice voice and yes there are a fair amount of head nodding pop numbers, but once again it was an experience that left me feeling largely indifferent. It checks all the boxes for what a pop album should have but misses out on the soul and personality needed to make it really stand out.

You save me from time to time
Knowin’ I ain’t right
I should free your mind
You’re everything I like

– “Special”

Have you heard 4275? What’d you think about it? Do you think he showed reverence for the ’90s without completely copying it? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Jacquees – 4275 Reaction
'4275' is a nice trip down memory lane while Jacquees still brings enough new swagger to the table to make it not feel like a tribute album. 

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