The good and bad changes coming to Spotify and YouTube and dealing with depression in hip-hop

We’re back and we’re joined by special guest Jaron Lamar Davis, who joins us to talk about the major changes headed to both Spotify and YouTube and the positive and negative effects they’ll have on musicians, particularly independent ones. Then he talks about the response and what he’s learned from the release of his debut album earlier in the year, the pros and cons of music schools, and what he’s cooking up for his next effort. Lastly we talk about signs of depression and cries for help in hip-hop music and whether the onus is on fans to speak up and/or reach out when they hear it over and over again. Check the full episode out above and tell us your thoughts, comments, and questions about the topics in the episode.

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00:01:51 Spotify cutting out the middle man – are they the new label?

00:20:50 Are the EU’s new copyright rules going to cause more harm than good, particularly when it comes to YouTube and music?

00:36:37 Jaron speaks about the pros and cons of music schools, the response to his debut album, and what he’s cooking up for the next one

00:59:52 Is the onus on fans to reach out to artists they hear struggling with depression and life in their music?

01:13:44 Our suggested listens and upcoming music releases


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