Dave Chappelle trolling, The Last Jedi, and Oprah 2020?

We’re back with the first new show of 2018 and we open things up by taking care of some housecleaning, discussing our holidays and resolutions for the new year, then movie into impressions of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the backlash Dave Chappelle is facing and whether we think society is too easily offended. Then we end things talking about shows and movies we’ve been watching over the holidays and if Oprah is a bit of a hypocrite. Check the full episode out above and tell us your thoughts, comments, and questions about the topics in the episode.

03:34 – The Last Jedi impressions

00:16:37 – Is Bright as bad as everyone says it is?

00:27:08 – Dave Chappelle trolled an entire audience

00:49:03 – Black Panther is reminiscent of Obama ’08

00:55:16 – Disney bought 20th Century Fox, should we be excited or worried?

01:04:48 – Is Oprah being a hypocrite?


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