Wolf Alice : Rams Head Live

[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap] delicate blonde in a summer dress and polished black Doc Martens, three unassumingly polite gentlemen sporting British accents, warm atmospheric alt-rock melodies carried by female fronted vocals…and with that description most of the readers have tuned out. But that’s the catch. The night has just begun. Gently bringing the crowd to attention at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD, UK’s Wolf Alice, opened with the first track “Heavenward” off their 2017 release Visions Of A Life. A soaring atmospheric ballad showcasing frontwoman Ellie Rowsell’s alluring voice, the band slowly wrapped it’s musical fingers around the audience before ripping in with the true power of their sound. Crowd favorite punk inspired tracks fired back to back “Yuk Foo” and “You’re A Germ” gave the crowd a taste of the awesome sound that is Wolf Alice. Equal parts soft, ethereal, atmospheric alt-rock, backed against a howling, seething, ’80s punk rage, the set oscillated between letting the audience catch their breath and diving into powerful angst laden tracks. A personal favorite point in the night came with Wolf Alice’s performance of “Planet Hunter” off their latest album.

A moment’s happiness
Under the influence
I tried all night to recreate
And it was never ever gonna last long
And it was only ever gonna go wrong
And in the morning I only have myself to blame
Am I a planet hunter
Or a brave deviator?

– Wolf Alice “Planet Hunter”

Wolf Alice’s sound is all about hidden sharp edges. Deep dangerous things lurking just beneath the surface until they come exploding out in an all-out barrage. A stage presence that is driven by their music, they visibly feed off the energy of the crowd creating a feedback loop through the ebb and flow of their set. Another band that recordings just don’t do justice to, especially the subtle power of Ellie’s voice. Wolf Alice is a band to watch in the near future and you can aatch them on the European leg of their tour starting this summer at Best Kept Secret Festival in the Netherlands.

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