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Spirits Podcast: Kinda Creepy, Kinda Cool, Boozy All The Way

[dropcap size=big]F[/dropcap]or the last few months, I’ve been in full on binge mode when it comes to podcasts. Work is work, but it’s definitely made more enjoyable when accompanied by an interesting, funny, or informative show.

Previously, I spread the good word about Potterless, a show produced by twenty-something Mike Schubert about his first foray into the fictional world of Harry Potter.

I’m happy to report that I’m still excitedly listening and I hope at least one of you is too!

A Multitude of Fun

Speaking of Potterless, it’s just one of the fantastic shows that makes up the podcast collective known as Multitude Productions.

(Other podcasts include basketball-oriented-but-not-actually-about-basketball Horse, also hosted by Mike Schubert, D & D extravaganza Join the Party, and Lost Girl fan cast Waystation.)

Spirits, embodied by its tagline “a boozy dive into mythology, legends, and lore”, is a perfect balance of humor and edification. Think female Supernatural meets hanging around the campfire with a few good friends (the production is high quality though, so it doesn’t sound that way).

Think female Supernatural meets hanging around the campfire with a few good friends…

Love craft cocktails and intriguing beers? Hosts Julia and Amanda concoct (or procure) a titillating beverage for every episode, often coinciding with the theme or story.

If you find yourself entranced by mermaid documentaries or the cryptid Wiki page, look no further than Spirits! From legendary creatures like werewolves to the lesser known Mami Wata, and a sprinkling of listener submitted hometown urban legends, Amanda and Julia leave no corner of the globe untrodden.

A Winning Recipe

True podcast camaraderie is a rare find, but Julia and Amanda have years of real-life friendship on their side. Their banter is genuine and entertaining, and even the “refill breaks” (aka designated sponsor promo time) are worth skipping the fast forward button.

So, let’s do the math, shall we?

2 bright, passionate, funny young women + great content that keeps listeners curious and always wanting more + awesome drink recommendations = 1 bomb show

With a classy sponsor like Shaker and Spoon behind Spirits, and well-informed guests contributing to the majority of the catalog, Amanda and Julia have hit a monstrously large stride and don’t show any signs of slowing down.

There are 104 episodes of creepy and cool content on Spotify right now, so what the Hells are you waiting for?

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