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Rebel Dad Hat Vol. 2 is finally here and ready for (pre)orders!

It may have taken longer to get these out than expected but our latest collaboration with Axcess is finally here and ready for (pre)orders! After the very successful first go around we’ve teamed up again to bring you Vol. 2 and we kept the same spirit and general style of the first one but updated everything from the font to logos and gave it a nice pop of red to really make it stand out. Preorders are now going on for the next week and they’re being offered at 30% off of the regular price, so grab one of these now while they’re still available, because just like the first go around these are EXTREMELY limited.

Again, these are preorders, so hats won’t be shipped out for another 1-2 weeks but you can grab them now at the lowest price they’ll ever be.


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