Trailer Roundup 1/23/17

Trailer Roundup 1/23-2/5

It’s been a pretty slow week of trailers but I’ve scrounged up what I could. Can’t say it’s the best looking selection but there’s a couple with some recognizable names and faces like My Cousin RachelPersonal Shopper, and The Blackcoat’s Daughter. Check them all out below along with my reactions.

My Cousin Rachel

Can’t lie, this definitely isn’t my cup of tea but Rachel Weisz is without a doubt an elite actor and this is from Fox Searchlight, so I’m sure this will get sufficient critical buzz.

Personal Shopper

I don’t get the appeal of Kristen Stewart but somehow she keeps getting roles so looks like I’ll be stuck with her. Not really sure where the title Personal Shopper comes into play but it looks like it could be somewhat interesting.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter

Not sure what it is about teenage girls and witchcraft, but film makers seem to love pairing the two together. Can’t say this one looks all that good though.

What’d you think about this weeks roundup of trailers? Which film are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below and subscribe to stay up on all the content and gain access to exclusives.

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