SiR – Her EP Reaction

SiR - Her EPHer EP actually came out in the fall of last year, but in honor of SiR’s recent reveal as being John Doe #2 of TDE, aka their latest signee, I decided to go back and give my reaction to his last EP. Which was apparently secretly released under the TDE imprint without anybody finding out. Now I don’t know anything about him, but if he’s good enough to make the roster, then he’s most likely good enough for me.

If this is the sound that we can come to expect from their latest signee, then we could be in for something special. His production definitely falls into that modern R&B/neo-soul sound that so many singers nowadays try to adopt. Her EP is smooth, sultry music full of excellent live instrumentation and chill vibes. “Never Felt Anything That Good” has some great percussions paired with a nice bass line, “All in My Head” has a hypnotic kick and snare combo accented by soft piano keys, and “Cadillac Dreams” (maybe my favorite song) is straight cruising music, which is no surprise since it features Big K.R.I.T.

“No destination, no expectations
We’re keeping it unofficial
But we’re rolling
Somehow you got me open
With words that were never spoken
But I know I hear you, baby”

SiR’s vocals are as smooth as the production itself and he has a strong presence on all of the songs, effortlessly gliding over the production. The topics aren’t anything new, women and love, but his songwriting is skillful enough to keep everything interesting with just the right amount of subtlety. He actually reminds me of his fellow West coast singer, Miguel, and that’s a very strong comparison to have. For such a relatively new artist he already has a strong grasp of his sound, style, and artistry and I can’t wait to hear more.

Have you heard Her EP? What’d you think about it? Are you excited to hear more from him? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your rating for the EP.

SiR - Her EP
Her EP Reaction
Her EP gave us a great look at the type of smooth, sultry music that SiR will bring to the table for TDE and it bodes well for the future. He already has such a strong grasp on his artistry and I can't wait to hear what he puts out next.
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