SiR - Her Too

SiR – Her Too Reaction

SiR - Her TooI was extremely impressed with SiR’s first EP; I loved the smooth, sultry vibes, and he really seemed to have a strong grasp on his artistry, which I think is very important for singers to have. Then my hype for him went through the roof when it was revealed that he was in fact John Doe #2 of TDE and was their latest signing. In a very smart move, right on the heels of that announcement he’s hit us with the follow up, Her Too.

Just like the first offering, Her Too is a quick strike with only six songs in total, but every one of those six songs shines. It continues it’s incredible mix of R&B and neo-soul, with amazing live instrumentation and smooth vibes. “W$ Boi” is probably my favorite song off the project due to it’s smooth yet hard hitting drums and hypnotic reed instruments. “The Canvas” has knocking bass and some great use of percussion, and “New LA” sounds like it’ll be a cover of a PARTYNEXTDOOR song before kicking off with some bouncy, uptempo drums. The production is just as good, if not better than, the first go around and it’s perfect music to vibe to.

“I’m not the one that drew the line
That doesn’t mean that I don’t know better
It’s black and white
And if I leave I may not make it back tonight
So I hop in the G-Ride anyway”

The more I hear of him, the more he reminds me of Miguel. He doesn’t have the falsetto that Miguel possesses, but his voice is silky smooth with hints of funk and soul. I don’t know if it’s true, but his songwriting seems to be stronger this go around. He really brings the songs to life and the way he works with the production shows how strong of a grasp he has on his artistry and musicality. He’s quickly shooting up the ranks of my favorite TDE artists, I can’t wait to hear what his first true LP sounds like.

Have you heard Her Too? What’d you think about it? Where would you rank him amongst the other TDE artists? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your rating for the EP.

SiR - Her Too
Her Too Reaction
After an already strong go around with Her EP, SiR follows it up with the even stronger Her Too. Smooth, sultry, neo-soul R&B with some great live instrumentation and great vocals. He's quickly becoming one of my favorites on TDE.
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W$ Boi
New LA
The Canvas
Hard Passes
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