Young Thug – No, My Name Is JEFFERY Reaction

Young Thug - No, My Name Is JefferyYoung Thug, one of the leaders of this new school of hip-hop and the bane to all “old head” rap fans. He wears women’s clothing, mumbles nonsensical lyrics, and still manages to generate significant buzz. Now I don’t know if all his antics are for the sake of publicity (it’s not translating into sales), or that’s how he genuinely is; it’s hard to argue the influence he’s had on a lot of music today. While he still has yet to drop his major debut, No, My Name Is JEFFERY is his latest street album “mixtape” to feed the masses.

Without the radio, it’s 20 a show and that’s fasho
I need that bacon, bitch, we buyin’ dope, that’s how it go
Black Amigos, bout the Freebandz
That 44., I could cook the dope with no stove
Pot on the floor

Love him or hate him, Young Thug has always had a strong ear for production and has been carried by the likes of London On the Track for a couple years now. No, My Name Is JEFFERY has a lot of that same kind of production that’s made him popular in the first place, and that’s both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I’ve liked a lot of his previous stuff solely off the strength of his production. While it had a lot of the similar tendencies I’ve been hearing for a while now, it still managed to add it’s own unique takes that I hadn’t heard before. The problem is that we’re a couple years into the Young Thug phase now and not a lot, if anything, has changed or evolved for the better. The production isn’t bad on No, My Name is JEFFERY, “Guwop” and “Pick Up the Phone” will have you in your zone, it’s just nothing new. And when everybody seems to be running with this style now and compared to his past work, it just doesn’t do enough to justify it’s existence. I’ve heard all this before and in a much better quality.

Back the fuck up, you too little
Hit ’em with three like I’m Miller
I don’t talk to no man in the middle
I don’t talk to no man, I’m just kiddin’
But I did pay my sister’s tuition

The feeling of nothing new carries over to the songs themselves. Young Thug is not a lyricist and never has been, but he’s always been strong in creating a feeling in his music. Those vibes he was able to invoke was the reason I gave him a pass on not being able to understand a single thing he said; his music was infectious. But, No, My Name is JEFFERY couldn’t create those same feelings and that only makes his inability to say anything worthwhile or coherent stand out even more. All the song names are named after a famous person, or gorilla in one case (“Harambe”), but if that’s because their influences for the songs it doesn’t show. They just don’t make sense, like much of this album.

Have you heard No, My Name Is JEFFERY? What did you think about it? Is Young Thug losing his appeal? Are there new artists doing what he does better now? Let me know in the comments below and leave a rating for the album.

Young Thug - No, My Name Is Jeffery
No, My Name Is JEFFERY Reaction
No, My Name is JEFFERY is more of the same from Young Thug. While the production isn't terrible, it's just nothing we haven't heard before, and better. Making his inability to say anything worthwhile or coherent stand out even more.
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Pick Up the Phone
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