Video Roundup 11/20/16

Video Roundup 11/20-11/26

It’s been a pretty slow week for music videos, but there were still a few ones worth noting. We got new ones from OK Go, The Weeknd, Ab-Soul, Meek Mill, and more. Check them all out below along with my reactions.

OK Go – The One Moment

OK Go just might be the leaders when it comes to creative, over the top music videos. They have a history of creating these massive, choreographed, Rube Goldberg-esque set pieces for their videos, and they’ve all turned out super dope. Well, they’ve done it again with “The One Moment” and the amount of work and precision that went into getting these shots is impressive. So good it almost makes you forget about the song, which is actually pretty damn good itself.

The Weeknd – M A N I A

Starboy is almost upon us, and leading up to that, The Weeknd has given us a teaser of sorts of what we’ll hear on the album. He seems to have an obsession with panthers this go around as it’s appeared more than a couple times now. There’s no grand story or plot like his last couple of videos, but there’s some clean shots in it and the music sounds like it’ll be another great album.

Ab-Soul – Braille

Looks like someone was a fan of Doctor Strange, with the monkish hoodies and twisting angles and cityscapes, it’s highly likely it wasn’t just a mere coincidence. The visuals are dope, but the song is just meh. I really like Soulo, but he really needs to step it up.

LION BABE – Got Body

LION BABE is a really dope up and coming neo soul duo out of NY and their project Begin was full of a lot of dope cuts. “Got Body” is off that dope project; I could easily imagine hearing this on an ad for H&M or someone like that. The video itself almost comes off as one.

Gucci Mane & Future – Selling Heorine

Off their recent quick strike mixtape, Free Bricks 2. The song is alright, your typical trap song; the video is footage of Gucci’s various shows since being released from prison. I will say he looks happier than ever.

Bilal – Pleasure Toy

Bilal is a super underrated artist. He blesses a lot of other artists with a lot of heat, but he hasn’t quite reached that same level of individual success. His music is very Prince-esque and it’s not a stretch to imagine “Pleasure Toy” among Prince’s vast discography. The visuals are equally funky, with wild outfits and colorful edits.

Meek Mill – On The Regular

I don’t know how many videos he has for DC4 now, but it seems like most of them have some sort of visual treatment now. “On The Regular” continues his streak of epic intros and is pure hype music. The video is typical rap video stunting through what appears to be Rick Ross’ mansion.

What’d you guys think about this weeks videos? Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and subscribe to stay up with all the content and get exclusives to your inbox.

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