Trailer Roundup 10/16/16

Trailer Roundup 10/16-10/30

I’m back with my second roundup of trailers for the month of October and there’s a lot of good ones to talk about. Some big comic book drops to nerd out about, a whole lot of interesting looking thrillers, and a couple indies worth mentioning. So let’s get right to it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The first Galaxy of the Guardians was probably Marvel’s riskiest gamble and biggest payoff so far. It also happened to be one of my favorite Marvel movies to date. The fact that they were able to pull it off as well as they did is why I have absolute faith in them (unlike DC). The trailer doesn’t show a whole lot, but it doesn’t need to. It keeps that same quirky humor and the whole gang returns, with a baby Groot in tow. TAKE MY MONEY

A Cure for Wellness

Right off top, the visuals in this trailer are phenomenal. I have no idea what’s going on, but it looks like it’s going to be a hell of a trip. Secluded location, experimentation, cult like workers(?), and oddly future tech in what looks like a 60’s time period. It sort of gives me a Shutter Island/Bioshock vibe. On the surface looks like it’s supposed to be some sort of utopia but everything just feels…off. Alright you’ve got my attention.

Nocturnal Animals

Well they knocked the casting out of the park. Amy Adams, Micahel Shannon, and Jake Gyllenhaal are all exceptional actors. The trailer doesn’t give much away but looks like promises of betrayal, revenge, suspense, and violence. All ingredients of any decent thriller. Could be a good one.

Man Down

Say what you want about Shia Labeouf, but the man can act. This looks to be one of his most intense roles to date, playing a soldier struggling with PTSD. Don’t know about the plot but definitely feels like Oscar bait.

Burn Country

Thanks to Pineapple Express, James Franco has become one of my favorite actors out there today. He just nails the weird, slightly off but humorous roles perfectly. This trailer gives off a Fargo type of vibe with a small town, full of odd people, dealing with crazy happenings that lead to a much larger picture that nobody except a couple people can see or are willing to acknowledge. I love Fargo and this one seems to be getting a lot of buzz on the festival circuit, so I’ll be checking this one out.


I always knew Hobbits were secretly deranged, nobody’s that nice. But in all seriousness, this looks to be a real twisted movie that looks to play with our expectations and cliches. Shit looks fuckeddddd, but in a good way.

The 24 Hour War

I’m putting this one on here for the sole fact that Ford GT’s are one of my favorite cars ever made. This doc looks to be a pretty interesting story about how and why they got made and about the intense racing rivalry that was Ford vs Ferrari.


Holy S#%t! Holy S#%t! Holy S#%t! They did it, they really did it?! By it, I mean they turned one of the greatest comic story arcs ever, Old Man Logan, into a movie. Old Man Logan is a brutal, mature work of genius and they’re finally giving Wolverine (my favorite character ever) the R-rated treatment he so deserves. The Western vibes, Patrick Stewart, X-23, just yes. Yes to it all! This can’t come soon enough.

What’d you guys think about the trailers that dropped? Which ones are you most excited about seeing? Did I miss any worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments below and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for more content like this and exclusives.

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