Curren$y - Stoned On Ocean

Curren$y – Stoned On Ocean EP Reaction

Curren$y - Stoned On OceanCurren$y might just be the hardest rapper in the game. Every time I turn around he’s dropping some new mixtape, EP, or album. It’s actually remarkable that’s he’s able to put out this much music at such a high rate and for this long. I’ve half expected him to hit a wall by now, but that doesn’t seem to be the case and he’s back with another one in Stoned On Ocean EP. I’m not complaining though, because he’s always good for that good vibing music, perfect for riding out to, or smoking out to (if you’re into that kind of thing of course).

“The interior on my Cadillac make em sick
Won’t you please give em’ a bucket they can puke in (throw up in)
Act like its killing em to see me get rich
Probably die when they see me in my new shit”

Stoned On Ocean EP comes in at a short seven tracks, with no filler and only two guest features. I don’t know what album this EP is building up for, but I’m sure it’ll be dropping anytime now. The production on Stoned On Ocean is the tried and true formula we’ve been getting from Curren$y for the past couple of years now. It’s laid back and soulful and sounds great as usual. I just wish he’d throw in some more adventurous production like he did back on This Ain’t No Mixtape (my favorite album of his). “Hoe Train” is my favorite track off the album; the production is just on point. The piano keys and soulful singing sample looping in the background really set this one off. “Higher” and “Stoned On Ocean” are also standouts from the EP. They continue that chilled, soulful production with slow kicks knocking throughout. “Speedboat” tries to speed things up a bit, but I think it’s probably the worst beat on the whole tape. Not terrible, but not great either. That flute(?) playing in the background can get real annoying, real fast.

The problem I find with Curren$y dropping so much music, so often is that the lyrical sharpness can start to become dull. Curren$y is actually a really dope lyricist, again peep This Ain’t No Mixtape, but even Lil Wayne can attest that dropping this often can and most likely will lead to a lot of throwaway bars. The bars on Stoned On Ocean aren’t bad or anything, they just seem uninspired at times. I don’t know how many more ways you can rap about women, weed, and cars, but Curren$y sure seems intent on finding out. He even references what I’m talking about on “Stoned On Ocean”. Hearing a verse from the ghost himself, Styles P, is always very welcome in my book. He’s always been one of my favorites and two trade dope bars (no pun intended) about legalizing weed on “Higher”.

“Pulled up next to you, I was smokin’ in that Wraith
Your girl was tryin’ to escape; you shoulda seen her face
Social media stampede over my next tape
Every thirty days, another shipment sent your way
Haters figure soon I will run out of shit to say
But I rhyme what I live, it’s just my life is the shit”

What did you think about Stoned On Ocean EP? Do you still dig the laid back, chill raps? Do you think he needs to take more time between projects? Let me know in the comments below and leave a rating.


Curren$y - Stoned On Ocean
Stoned On Ocean EP Reaction
Stoned On Ocean EP is the tried and true formula we've been hearing for the past couple of years. The laid back, soulful production and raps still sound great, but it might be time to shake things up a bit.
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