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Now that we’ve gotten more than a few things in order with LLF (exhibit 1, exhibit 2), it was due time that we turned our attention to the media portion of the community. It’s been well past time it got the gains it deserved, because I mean who doesn’t love media.

We want to really showcase the incredible things being posted by you all, (whether that be of the visual or auditory variety), so we gave it a place to call all it’s own.

We also wanted to make it easy to find and follow the type of media that you want to see/hear so we added tagging, much like our existing events/projects/market listings.

We’ve always wanted to foster a community of individuals that draws inspiration from one another and with these new additions that vision has gotten that much closer to becoming a reality.

In addition to the media additions, we updated the look of the activity streams and scrapped #tags from development all together. You can view some images of the changes, but as always they don’t do things nearly enough justice as seeing it live and in action.

Let us know what you think about the new additions and updates, and subscribe to stay up to date about everything LLF. And as always keep living.life.fearless!


Damaged City Festival 2019 | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

CULTURE (counter, pop, and otherwise) and the people who shape it.

Damaged City Festival 2019 | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

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