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…Platform 9 and three-quarters

Right now you're at a train station, and imagine that it can take you anywhere. Your mind is the train station. However, you want to go to a magical place where things you never thought were possible happen all the time. The only way to do this is to take a path unseen, a path blocked by a wall, a wall of disbelief. You must charge fearlessly through the wall of disbelief and there you will find a world of new possibilities (essentially what I'm saying is that you can't see the magic if you don't believe in it). Everyday we make choices based on the options allotted to us; Platform 9 and three-quarters represents a choice to pick a different option that most others don't see.Think of me as a professor from Hogwarts, I am on the other side, waiting for you to break through the wall and hop on the express to the world of magic; where dreams and fantasy become reality......

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