…Platform 9 and three-quarters

Right now you’re at a train station, and imagine that it can take you anywhere. Your mind is the train station. However, you want to go to a magical place where things you never thought were possible happen all the time. The only way to do this is to take a path unseen, a path blocked by a wall, a wall of disbelief. You must charge fearlessly through the wall of disbelief and there you will find a world of new possibilities (essentially what I’m saying is that you can’t see the magic if you don’t believe in it). Everyday we make choices  based on the options allotted to us; Platform 9 and three-quarters represents a choice to pick a different option that most others don’t see.Think of me as a professor from Hogwarts, I am on the other side, waiting for you to break through the wall and hop on the express to the world of magic; where dreams and fantasy become reality.

Now what I have to offer isnt magic spells or potions, but what I do have is my experiences, interests, and thoughts that have led me to be more fearless. This is not to say that I have no fears, what im saying is that I am tackling my fears and that in doing so I have learned things about the world and myself that I didn’t think were possible before. Together we can do great things so I hope you will take this journey with me and hop on the Hogwarts Express.

Being that I am an artist, a lot of what I will share will include images of Artwork and with them I will discuss what it means to me and how it relates to my current feelings. I will also be posting poetry and music and video in the same way. I would like to apologize in advance if any of the future content disturbs you, but Living.Life.Fearless means doing what you need to in order to accomplish what you set out to do, which is to provide my insight, so please be open-minded =).  I would love for you to leave any feedback or insight you may have and I encourage you to actively participate in this journey by sending us your own experiences so that they might also be shared with the world.

So in the spirit of New possibilities and changing perspective I thought I might end my first post with a few words about my Artwork image that Dario previously posted.


This is a Mixed media piece I made, Titled Statuesque, which was recently published. The word Statuesque means attractively tall and dignified suggestive of a statue. I felt as though this piece exemplified that definition, which is why I chose that title.

This piece is about freedom and change, breaking through stigmas and transcending stereotypes, being comfortable with one’s self as flawed and beautiful, confident in change. Though I am strong and solid I can still transform and respond to the richness of the world around me. Even if im arm less or my hands are tied, my mind can still reach out and touch the sky.

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Damaged City Festival 2019 | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

CULTURE (counter, pop, and otherwise) and the people who shape it.

Damaged City Festival 2019 | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

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