French Indie Favorites Stuck In The Sound Push Boundaries on New Album 16 Dreams A Minute

Sees them redefine themselves after 280 million streams

French indie favorites Stuck In The Sound are proud to release 16 Dreams A Minute, their brand new album. Following singles “B/W Rainbow”, “Le soleil” and the latest track “Adios”, 16 Dreams A Minute is available now across music platforms courtesy of Upton Park.

16 Dreams A Minute sees the indie favorites aim to redefine themselves after 280 million streams and renown on the French indie scene (after massive success with previous releases such as Nevermind the Living Dead in 2006, Shoegazing Kids in 2009, Pursuit in 2012 and “Let’s Go”).

In order to challenge themselves, Stuck In The Sound abandoned their traditional formulas. 16 Dreams A Minute maintains an alternative approach detaching itself from indie rock‘s rigidities while including punk tinged tracks.

As a producer and collaborator, Ash Workman (Christine & The Queens, Metronomy, Ghost Poet, The Shoes) further pushed Stuck In The Sound’s comfort zone on the band’s latest record.

With the pandemic as a backdrop, this album features punk frenzy tinted tracks as well as haunting post-apocalyptic tunes.

Breakup sentiments are also present in the record. Anger, bitterness, nostalgia, resignation, and reconstruction all play a role in the grieving process after the end of a relationship. All of these feelings are reflected in the album’s ebbs and flows, including feelings of love, teenage romance, and romantic wandering.

Will you be streaming Stuck In The Sound’s new album 16 Dreams A Minute?

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