Ado, Singer of ‘One Piece Film: Red’, will be Heading Out on a World Tour

She sang all of Uta's songs in One Piece Film: Red

World-renowned singer, Ado, who sang all of the character Uta’s songs for the official One Piece movie, One Piece Film: Red, is making a musical comeback and is set to perform at a London concert in March 2024. This musical journey will span across Asia, Europe, and America this year, promising fans a melodic adventure. One highlight of the tour is the London concert scheduled for March 13, 2024, at the iconic Troxy venue near Limehouse station.

The event, catering to fans aged 14 and above, is generating significant buzz, with general sale tickets available for purchase now.

Ado’s rise to fame is a fascinating tale rooted in her origins as an “utaite” singer on Japan’s niconico website. In 2020, she unleashed the hit “Ussewa,” accumulating a staggering 300 million views on YouTube. Despite her online success, Ado remains a mysterious figure, never revealing her face, even during live concerts where she shares the stage with anime avatars.

One notable performance, captured in a video from her Nippon Budokan concert in August 2023, showcases the ethereal atmosphere Ado creates on stage. The enigma surrounding her identity only adds to the allure, leaving fans captivated by her vocal prowess and the enigmatic aura she exudes.

Ado’s influence extends beyond the anime realm, with her song “New Genesis” claiming the top spot on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart for an impressive six consecutive weeks. This achievement marks a historic moment as the first Japanese song to reach number one on Apple Music’s Top 100: Global Chart. Ado’s prowess in capturing global audiences through her music is a testament to her universal appeal and the power of her distinct sound.

As fans eagerly anticipate the “Wish” tour, Ado’s impact on the music scene, from online utaite sensation to international chart-topper, is a testament to her undeniable talent and the universal language of her music. The journey continues, and Ado’s mysterious persona only adds to the anticipation surrounding each note she delivers to her ever-growing audience.

Will you be checking out Ado’s new tour? Do you want to see more of Uta in One Piece?

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