A Story Told Release Indie Pop Gem “How Do You Write A Love Song?”

About the tumultuous journey of finding a healthy relationship

Pop/rock trio A Story Told have released their new single “How Do You Write A Love Song?,” available to stream now on all DSPs worldwide. The track is about the tumultuous journey of finding a healthy relationship. It comes just ahead of their headlining Midwest + East Coast tour, kicking off 4/28 in Nashville. 

“When I started writing this song, I realized it was coming together as a love song and about the chaotic journey it is to find someone and something that isn’t problematic,” says vocalist Alex Chaney. “I’ve written so many introspective songs that are tied to heartbreak and uncertainty that I was like, I don’t even know how to write a love song lol. I think the song reflects the quirkiness of what it’s like to accept having selfless love and a safe space. And I don’t think that comes naturally to everyone.”

A Story Told soared to new heights with their 2023 album Mundane Magic, a testament to their musical evolution and unwavering authenticity. Lauded as a nonstop indie-pop joyride, the album is packed with catchy hooks and pop sensibility, avoiding sugary excess and delivering an electric-charged adrenaline ride of breathtaking hooks and intricate storytelling.

Emerging as a dynamic force in 2014, A Story Told draws influence from Blink-182, One Republic, and Taylor Swift, creating an authentic blend with captivating melodies. A Story Told continues to carve a distinctive space, captivating audiences with their authentic sound and dedication to musical excellence, with “How Do You Write a Love Song?” as the latest testament to their evolving journey.

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