The Dream Syndicate, are Delivering a ‘Days of Wine and Roses’ 40th Anniversary Box Set

The album was one of the key alternative releases of the '80s

The Dream Syndicate, whom the critics have dubbed the Paisley Underground icons, has already started to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of one of the key neo-psychedelic albums, The Days of Wine and Roses.

The band started the celebration with a 2022 tour, and has now followed that with a deluxe 4-CD box set edition of the album that will be out June 23 via Fire Records.

The 4-Disc box set, titled History Kinda Pales When It and You Are Aligned: The Days Of Wine and Roses, includes the original album remastered, plus three discs worth of bonus material, with 10 rarities and 31 unreleased tracks. Those include the Down There EP, singles, b-sides, alternate takes, two full live shows, and more. There’s also a booklet featuring 30 pages of liner notes by band historian Pat Thomas, new interviews with Kendra Smith, engineer Paul Cutler and producer Chris D, plus rare photos, gig posters, and more.

“Hearing these bonus tracks of live and rehearsal performances of The Dream Syndicate, culled by Pat Thomas from the cassette collection of Dennis Duck, I remember things about that band and what we were doing in 1982 that I had long since forgotten,” frontman Steve Wynn says. “We would actually listen to these cassettes back then religiously, simultaneously for study and clues for what to do next but also just out of amazement that we were suddenly playing in our own favorite band, doing a kind of music we had only dreamed somebody might do someday.”

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