Seattle Alt Band PRETTY AWKWARD Release New Video for “Castle Walls”

2nd single from their recently released debut album Get Weird

The band’s Nicholas Wiggins says, “This song ‘Castle Walls’  is for the underdog. The person that feels the odds and the world are stacked against them. The ones that keep fighting each day to overcome and triumph – We see you!  We wrote ‘Castle Walls’ our very first session with (Mark Jackson and Ian Scott). Austin already had the first verse/chorus lyrics and melody bouncing around from the morning. When we got in the room Mark and Ian got to work on the music after hearing the idea and by the time the structure and sounds of the song came together we had the rest of lyrics finished. It all came together so smooth and exactly how we all visualized. In just a couple hours we had this special piece of art and all of us were bouncing off the walls rocking out to the song! We left the session blasting it on speakers that day. This feeling we had really found that next element of PRETTY AWKWARD we had been wanting to add to our new album GET WEIRD.”

He continues, “We wanted to really show the raw live elements of our band. No gimmicks, lights, or smoke. Just ourselves on a blank canvas rocking out, getting weird, having fun. The music video was filmed at Olympic Studios by Derek Klein – I directed and edited the video.”

About the album, PRETTY AWKWARD say, “The album got its name GET WEIRD from our song that’s the title track. It was one of the last few songs we wrote along with “Bad Habit” that we instantly felt had to be on this album. Since we call ourselves PRETTY AWKWARD – it only made absolute sense to us to call the album GET WEIRD.  Nothing about this band has ever been normal and we might as well embrace our true selves.  We want everyone to go out and GET WEIRD because this human experience is PRETTY AWKWARD, when you think about it. I hope fans truly feel our energy of this playful dance we like to have with the universe in our music. Join us on this GET WEIRD wave and see where we take you!”

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