Alt-Rocker Middle Part Unveils New Self-Reflective Single “Nowhere”

A self-reflective song spawning from a moment of ego death

Brooklyn-based indie artist Middle Part just unveiled his latest single, “Nowhere“, from his upcoming highly-anticipated debut LP Disruptor. Which will drop sometime next year.

With “Nowhere”, Middle Part writes a self-reflective song spawning from a moment of ego death. He proclaims that the song is “a refrain from all the anger that populates a lot of the record. It’s a confession of wanting to choose self-acceptance over continuously worrying about what others may think. Appreciating the present moment rather than placing oneself at the center of the universe is the key theme.”

Middle Part – Andy Selkōw’s artist moniker – is hellbent on pouring his heart out and proving that earnest emotion and endless hooks can coexist within the distorted landscape of his nostalgic sound. Drawing inspiration from the late ’90s and early 2000s, Selkōw’s unique brand of unconventional pop music pays homage to the era, resonating with the confessional lyrical prowess of artists like Alanis Morisette, Third Eye Blind, and Michelle Branch. Selkōw, confides, “I’m so sensitive and hate to show it, but it just bleeds through all of my music.”

Initially conceived as a personal outlet during his time in Alaska from 2017 to 2019, Middle Part was born when Selkōw relocated to New York and connected with Zaremba.  Laying the foundation for Middle Part’s distinctive sound he released his debut EP, I Wish I Was Alive, in 2021. It featured the lead single, “& Cry!”—a track that has already amassed over 4 million streams on Spotify. In an isolating time, the EP reached out like a hand in the dark, as Selkōw expressed, “I just want people to relate. I so desperately want to connect, and that might be the message.”

With Disruptor, Middle Part aims to bring the darker, more profound aspects of life to the forefront of alternative pop music, setting out to disrupt the placid rhythm of the mainstream. The mission is clear: to shake up the musical landscape with a distinctive blend of heartfelt authenticity and innovative sound.

What do you think of “Nowhere”?

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