Jay-Z Exhibition Opens at Brooklyn Public Library

The exhibition opened Friday, July 14th

The Book Of Hov, an exhibition dedicated to Jay-Z has opened this week at the Brooklyn Public Library. It is a temporary exhibition at the central branch of the library, and is described as including “thousands of archived objects, including original recording masters, never-before-seen photos, iconic stage wear, prestigious awards, and recognitions, as well as videos and artifacts from every facet on Jay-Z’s professional life.”

The description adds: “The multimedia exhibit explores Jay-Z’s global impact as a musician, innovator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

“Our goal, with The Book Of Hov tribute exhibition, is to provide a behind-the-scenes look at a Hall of Fame songwriter and performer, successful business person, and a consequential philanthropist who has never forgotten the lessons he learned on the road to success. And the borough where his journey began.”

The façade of the building has had lyrics from the rapper emblazoned on it, while the exhibition also features a recreation of Baseline Studio, the room where Jay-Z recorded some of his most iconic albums.

The Book of Hov opened Friday, July 14.

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