First Elliott Smith Band, Heatmiser, will Release Previously Unheard Demos and Live Recordings

'The Music Of Heatmiser' is out October 6th

Before he became a big indie favorite, late singer-songwriter Elliott Smith was a member of a Portland rock project called Heatmiser from 1991 to 1996, parting ways after releasing 1996’s Mic City Sons.

As a number of outlets report, Third Man Records is set to release a new, 29-song Heatmiser compilation comprising previously unheard demos and live recordings.

“Tony [Lash] found a bunch of forgotten recordings and started mixing them and sending them to me,” Heatmiser’s Neil Gust says. “We were struck by the freewheeling energy of the band; you could hear how much fun we were having. In 1992 we could barely afford the studio so it all had to be done really fast. When we put the cassette together, we wanted it to start like a punch in the face. That’s ‘Lowlife.’”

The Music Of Heatmiser is out October 6, 2023, Via Third Man Records.


  1. “Lowlife” (‘92 Cassette)
  2. “Bottle Rocket” (‘92 Cassette)
  3. “Buick” (‘92 Cassette)
  4. “Just A Little Prick” (‘92 Cassette)
  5. “Dirt” (‘92 Cassette)
  6. “Mightier Than You” (‘92 Cassette)
  7. “Can’t Be Touched” (Cavity Search Single)
  8. “Wake” (Cavity Search Single)
  9. “Stray” (Cavity Search Single)
  10. “Dead Air” (Demo)
  11. “Sands Hotel” (Demo)
  12. “Mock Up” (Demo)
  13. “Cannibal” (Demo)
  14. “Candyland” (Demo)
  15. “Still” (Demo)
  16. “Man Camp”
  17. “Laying Low”
  18. “Bloody Knuckles”
  19. “Father Song”
  20. “Glamourine”
  21. “Meatline”
  22. “Revolution”
  23. “Black Out” (Live On KBOO)
  24. “Bottle Rocket” (Live On KBOO)
  25. “Dirt” (Live On KBOO)
  26. “Still” (Live On KBOO)
  27. “Candyland” (Live On KBOO)
  28. “Don’t Look Down” (Live On KBOO)
  29. “Lowlife” (Live On KBOO)
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