Banksy’s Identity Could Finally Be Revealed Due to a $1.7 Million Lawsuit

He's being sued over an old Instagram post

The elusive, and highly notorious street artist Banksy has kept his identity secret for years but a lawsuit caused by an Instagram post may cause that mysterious facade to fall.

The artist is being sued for almost $1.7 million by Andrew Gallagher – who has made an entire business out of selling images of Banksy’s work. And should proceedings go ahead, Banksy’s identity could be unmasked as Gallagher would be able to ask that the street artist appear in court in person.

The Times reported: “The claimant reserves the right to seek an order that he identifies himself for the purposes of these proceedings.”

This lawsuit is just the latest event in a long-running feud between Gallagher and Banksy.

The main cause of the lawsuit is over a now-deleted post where Banksy encouraged shoplifters to target high street giant Guess.

One of Gallagher’s firms, Brandalised, was involved in a deal with Guess last Autumn that saw the clothing company used Banksy images to advertise their brand.

In a since-deleted post allegedly made on November 18, Banksy’s Instagram account, which has 12 million followers, used an image of Guess’ shop window with the words: “Alerting all shoplifters. Please go to GUESS on Regent Street. They’ve helped themselves to my art without asking. How can it be wrong to do the same to their clothes.”

In its claim, Full Colour Black (another Gallagher firm) alleged that the post “contained defamatory words which referred to, and were understood to refer to, the Claimant.”

Full Colour Black is seeking at least £1,357,086 (approx. $1,657,923) in damages and an injunction preventing further alleged defamation.

Gallagher is suing “The Artist known as ‘Banksy’ and Pest Control Office Limited, the body that authenticates his art.”

Banksy's Identity Could Finally Be Revealed Due to a $1.7 Million Lawsuit | News | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
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