An Iconic Punk Rock Single Gets Its First Reissue

The single in question is "I’m Stranded" by The Saints

Australian trio The Saints are considered one of the original ’70s punk legends, and Los Angeles label In The Red has secured the rights to release the first-ever reissue of their iconic debut single “(I’m) Stranded.” The reissue date is set for August 2, 2023.

The song was manufactured originally at Astor Records Melbourne and received by guitarist Ed Kuepper on August 2nd, 1976 in Brisbane, the limited run of approximately 530 copies of the 7-inch was split up and sent to various overseas music publications, a handful of Australian shops, plus Rough Trade London and Greg Shaw’s Bomp Records mail order in America.

Additionally, In The Red is also parlaying the release of the single into the very first merchandise line honoring the original lineup of The Saints. Three designs across two T-shirts and a hoodie open the collection and feature Ed Kuepper’s original hand-painted logo, the Fatal label 7-inch design, and the rear sleeve graphic of Savage Pencil as featured on the 7-inch UK edition of “(I’m) Stranded.”

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