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Music and Risk Taking, is There a Connection Between the Two?

Here, you can read about the interesting connections between music and risk taking.

Music is something that people love. On average, a human being listens to music for 17.8 hours a week (Statista), which is a very long time. But why is music so popular? One of the main reasons behind the ongoing popularity of music is the element of risk behind it. If you think you’d be interested in reading more about this, carry on.

Trying New Music Artists and Albums Is Similar to Betting

Let’s think about betting for a second.

In the internet age, it’s very easy to place bets online. You can bet on sports events, play casino games like online roulette, and so much more. This is why millions of people use online casinos like Spin Casino every day, as games like online roulette, video poker, and other classics are super easy to access and enjoy with large signup bonuses.

Whenever you hop on an online gambling platform and place your bets, what’s happening? Simple: you’re taking a risk. That’s the entire concept behind a bet. You don’t know what the outcome is going to be, hence why (if you do win) you get a thrill of excitement. The casino is essentially rewarding you for taking a risk and sticking to it. On the other hand, you can also lose the money you bet, which is another reason why online betting can be risky sometimes.

Now, let’s switch the conversation back to music. With music, there’s a clear parallel between risk taking and betting. Why? Because every time you try a new music artist or album, you can never be sure whether it’ll be good or not. Sure, your friends might say that an album is amazing, but it might be a different story once you pay for the record, sit down, and actually listen to it.

Concerts Always Come with a Risk

These days, music concerts are a super expensive music experience.

Similarly, they also come with a huge risk. This is because music concerts are often hit or miss. You never know how good the artist or band is going to perform or what mood they’ll be in that day. For example, it’s extremely common for music artists to show up to live performances completely unprepared and even walk off stage. As an audience, this is a case of a risk taking gone wrong, as you’ve paid money and traveled to be there only for the concert to go completely wrong.

Music Streaming Platforms All Offer Something Different

In terms of risk, it doesn’t get much riskier than choosing a music streaming platform.

Currently, there are countless music streaming platforms to choose from, right? This includes the obvious picks like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. Plus, there are other options, too, such as YouTube Music and even Soundcloud.

Now, what happens with music streaming platforms is that you (the listener) have to pay a monthly subscription to use the platform. Often, what happens is that a person will choose to compare the different platforms, choose which one they want to join, and then regret their choice further down the line. For instance, their favorite band might take all of its music off the platform entirely.

The Life of a Music Fan is All About Risk

As you can see, there’s a strong connection between music and risk-taking.

The life of a music listener is non-stop risk. From trying new music artists and albums to deciding which streaming platform to join, to taking a chance on an expensive concert, these risks are very prominent in today’s music industry.

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