Interview: Dancing On Tables talks about their New Album 'Colour In The Grey' | Hype | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Interview: Dancing On Tables Talks about their New Album ‘Colour In The Grey’

Interview: Dancing On Tables talks about their New Album 'Colour In The Grey' | Hype | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
Interviewed by:
Dario Hunt
Interview date:
October 2022

These questions were answered by one of the band’s lead singers Robbie McSkimming

 How did you all come together as a band?

We went to school together, so have known each other for as long as we can really remember. Hamish and I grew up on the same street so have literally known each other all our lives. We all messed about with bands during school, but it was only after we left that we came together and started seriously trying to make some music.

How’d the name Dancing on Tables come about?

It feels like this has become some kind of old wives tale, as none of us are sure of the exact back story or who suggested it. All we can agree on is that we still hadn’t decided on a name the night before our first show and somehow the next morning we were called Dancing On Tables (or DOT as we like to call ourselves).

Has music always been a driving force in your lives?

It has always been at the center of all of us. I don’t think you can try to make it in music if it’s not, as you have to sacrifice everything else in your life for it. I’ve always wanted to be up playing songs on stage, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Which artists have been a major influence on you all?

We have all had quite a varied journey to where we are now musically, so there are probably different influences throughout the band. Certainly, as Cal and I are both lead singers, listening to the way other bands use two singers (Beatles, Libertines, etc.) is helpful for both a songwriting and recording purpose.

How has your environment influenced your music?

Scotland as a music scene has punched well above it’s weight over the years considering the population. Seeing bands that have become known around the world, even from our local town Dunfermline (Big Country, The Skids) was a big influence growing up as it showed a pathway that you wanted to follow.

How would you describe your music? What do you want listeners to take from it?

We were recently described as power pop which I quite like. It’s catchy songs that you would hear on the radio but with guitar solos.

How has your sound evolved over the years since your initial formation?

The process of recording the album made us sit down and think about exactly how we wanted DOT to sound for the first time. We have had various versions of our sound as we tried to figure out exactly what we wanted to be, but we are finally really comfortable in saying we have a defined sound that is us.

What’s the general process when it comes to crafting a song?

Normally, Cal and I will get together and write the lyrics and structure to the song, then take it to the rest of the guys. It’s then that it really becomes a Dancing On Tables song. We can have an idea in our head of how we imagine the track to turn out, but it’s only when we get a proper feel for it as a band that we know where we’re going to take it.

The album is very bright and bouncy, definitely dance worthy. Is that the Colour In The Grey the album title is alluding to? Finding the positivity in life despite all of the tough situations we’ve all found ourselves in?

We wrote most of the tracks on the album on zoom during lockdown. We had an aim to have 100 songs to choose from, so we were writing every single day together. It was so much fun and gave a real purpose to every single day so, when we were deciding on an album title, Colour In The Grey represented what this collection of songs meant to us, as they were the colour in grey days.

Kind of on that same note, what do you want listeners to take from the album? Or what do you hope to inspire in them?

The tracks go on a journey as you go through the album, but overall I’m hoping it’s feel good. When the last track finishes.

The album speaks a lot on relationships, why this particular theme? Were you pulling from personal experiences in your songwriting?

It wasn’t something that we planned when we went into the album, in fact we didn’t realize that was the case until we were putting the tracklisting together. Being in music, you have to put the band before everything else if you want to try and make it, so it naturally provides a lot of material around relationships to draw from. Sometimes we will write tracks based on scenarios that we have thought of ourselves or seen on films or books, but there is always a part of us that relates to what we are writing, even if it’s about characters.

Congrats on the album! How does it feel to have it completed and ready to release to the masses?

It’s an incredible feeling. We actually recorded it over a year ago but have been waiting for the right time to put it out which feels crazy. We are so proud of the tracks on it. It feels like all that we have done over the past few years in music has all built up to this point. So no pressure…

What was the experience like crafting the album? Especially since I assume a part of that process was through the middle of the COVID pandemic.

The pandemic actually made it easier to focus on writing as there were less distractions going on around us. We were so used to being out on the road all the time that we needed something to focus on when we were suddenly stuck at home. It taught us a lot about ourselves as musicians and writers, as well as how we would like fans to view the band.

I think “Letters”, “High”, and “Rollercoaster Love” might be my favorite songs off the album, they’re just bops! Does the band have a favorite song off the album? Any songs in particular you’re most excited about performing live?

Thank you! We all have our own favorites, which makes choosing a set list pretty difficult! My favorite to play is “Shock To The System” as it’s the one track in the album where the whole band makes as much noise as they can from start to finish. Always a good feeling to play.

We like to say to be a creative and put yourself out there to the public eye that you have to be fearless. Do you agree with that?

Nowadays that is definitely true. To make it in the industry you don’t just need good music, you need to be able to work all the socials too, which means putting yourself at the very front of the band and open to everyone. It’s not ideal, but it’s the way it is and it’s never changing.

Any special plans for the release/post-release? Tour? Shows?

We have another 7 dates of our headline UK tour post-album to see out the year. It will make such a difference to be able to play these new songs and have everyone knowing them. For the actual release, we are going for a curry as a band and then to a karaoke place we went when we were younger. True rock n roll.

Dancing On Table’s new album Colour In The Grey will be out on all major DSPs October 14.

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