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Tips: 5 Reasons Why Every Artist Needs a Music Video Strategy

To make sure that every artist and their creations get adequate respect in society, their work needs to be properly publicized. Whether it’s a fashion brand, a movie star or an independent music artist, marketing your creation to make people aware is crucial. Music is one of those things that needs to reach the right audience to make it popular. The best way to become well-known as a musician in this digital age is by creating music and music videos and sharing them online. 

With time and technology, the methods of advertising have evolved. Artists today have more than just the traditional modes of reaching out to an audience — the stage, television, radio and music records. They can choose modern forms of advertisement, which involve social media marketing. Moreover, there is a rapid shift in the way viewers consume content and entertain themselves. Social media users are increasingly engaging with music videos this year. As an artist, it becomes important to understand the trends on social media to be able to promote your music extensively.

Here are 5 reasons for you to rethink and build your music video strategy:

Being Visible is Being Heard

People believe what they see! If an artist lacks an understanding of the taste and preferences of the audience, it isn’t easy to survive in the industry. Across the globe, more than half of the music consumption is done in the form of videos. This is much higher than the demand for free and paid music audio streaming. With increasing digitization, the majority of the trending content on YouTube is seen to be music videos. Furthermore, one can easily cut videos and promote them as smaller video reels on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and other content creation platforms.

Sharing Audio is No More a Trend

When was the last time you shared an mp3 with your friends? Probably a decade ago! With the incoming audio streaming platforms providing easier access to music, mp3 became less popular. However, it did not provide the full footage of the music. So, what’s the best way to make sure your full music is being heard? Create music videos. In the era of social media where people like 100% sharing and exposure to content, why stay behind? Users are consuming videos today like never before. It is accessible, dynamic, rich in content and entertaining.

Build More Content and Get More Exposure

Apart from making quality-driven content for the audience, it is also essential to produce an appropriate quantity of content. This is simple. Repeated content given to the audience will increase the recall value they have about the artist and the music video. The more quality content is produced, the more the audience is exposed to your work and music. View it is a way sales are conducted for any product. A lead is converted into a customer mostly after 6-7 calls by the salesperson, stating the usefulness of their product. This also is the case when it comes to familiarizing your audience with your music video. Moreover, one can choose to break their music video into various small videos such as reels to build content on various social media platforms for promotion and advertisement.

Affordability & Speed

Gone are the days when only independent artists with big budgets or those signed with big-shot labels could produce music videos. Today in the era of digitization, everything is at your fingertips. You can make videos and add music to the video easily. You no longer need to be uber popular or backed by a record label to produce your content and showcase your talent before an audience. With the help of HD cameras on smartphones, you can record high-quality footage of your music video in top quality at almost negligible cost. What’s more, you can pick up a professional-level camera for filming music videos at a fraction of the cost of what they used to be. Post recording, one can even edit their videos through zillions of software and applications available on the internet. This software will provide editing and trimming and give a complete final look to your music video. Moreover, there are even editing tools specifically designed for artists and musicians.

Music is Evergreen

Any content produced today that is trending remains in the audience’s minds only once or twice. The moment it is swiped through the user’s feed, it is no more seen or heard. But the music video is evergreen! The value of a music video does not get devalued within a few days like the content in daily vlogs, interviews, or announcements. A great piece of music remains in public memory for a long period. Similarly, a music video will be played and replayed by the fans over the years. Simple social media content is created to increase engagement or reach more audiences. But a music video is created not just to reach and entertain the audience but also to build an evergreen connection between music lovers.

To wrap up, we would encourage you to keep weaving magic with your music pieces. Create complementary content to enhance and beautify the music created. A music video and some other promotional elements will ensure your music reaches more people and builds your brand as an artist. A good music video strategy will set you up for long-term success.

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