A Lost David Bowie Album From 2001 Is Finally Getting Its Release

Twenty years later, Bowie fans will get their ‘Toy’ 

As online music daily New Musical Express reports, David Bowie‘s notorious ‘lost’ 2001 album Toy is set to finally get an official release.

Back in 2011, the album leaked online and now a decade later it will see an official release as part of Bowie’s new, Era Five box set.

The news of the new release comes just after the estate of David Bowie has agreed to a new deal with Warner Music Group that will see the company overseeing his full back catalog of albums.

Warner Music previously held worldwide rights to the music that was released by the late artist between 1968 and 1999 (up to his October 1999 album hours…) after they acquired the Parlophone Label Group in 2013.

This new licensing agreement with Bowie’s estate now means that Warner Music also has the rights to the artist’s back catalog of music between 2000 and 2016, the year of his death.

A song from the album came online along with the album release news, and Bowie’s official Twitter account wrote: 

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