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‘The Big Lebowski’ spin-off gets an official release date

The film will feature a diverse plethora of intriguing names

Jesus will finally hit the bowling alleys again in less than a month. Unfortunately for many fans around the world, however, The Jesus Rolls, The Big Lebowski spin-off, won’t feature another bowling rivalry between Jesus Quintana and the Dude, but will instead focus only on the former as he gets out of jail and gets into a bunch of shenanigans with his two fellow troublemakers.

In fact, The Jesus Rolls will probably distance itself even further away from The Big Lebowski than the classic’s cult following might like to hear. John Turturo, who not only returns for the role of Jesus, but also writes and directs the film, was largely inspired by the 1974 French comedy-drama Going Places. In fact, The Big Lebowski spin-off was actually written as an explicit remake of Going Places, but with a dash of Jesus, and was even initially titled the same.

The film, developed by Screen Media, will feature a diverse plethora of intriguing names, such as John Hamm, Pete Davidson, Susan Sarandon, Christopher Walken, and Audrey Tautou.

Turturo has previously described The Jesus Rolls as a “transgressive film about the stupidity of men,” with women being “the stronger, more together characters;” “a comedy but a very human comedy.”

The official release date is February 28, and we can expect The Big Lebowski spin-off in theaters throughout March.

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