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Sarah J’Vine - "Walking On Stars" Reaction | Opinions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Sarah J’Vine – “Walking On Stars” Reaction

For a song to be called “Walking on Stars”, it has to either be the cheesy daydreams of an aspiring pop star, or something that has little to do with the trivialities of our world and more with something that rises way above and beyond them, all the way to its rightful place next to absolute classics of the ethereal sound like Gladiator’s iconic soundtrack “Now we Are Free” and Enya’s “Only Time.” And as you might have already guessed, Sarah J’Vine is no cheesy pop star, that’s for sure.

“Walking on Stars” is not an easy song to describe, and it probably wouldn’t be a true, quality representative of such a rare and highly distinctive musical niche if it was.

The song is the definition of heavenly purity, wafting ever-so-gently from start to finish like weightless silk, before it slips away like a moment you desperately want to hold onto. It’s like a form of love meditation, carried by beautiful spacey sounds and J’Vine’s angelic singing which sounds more like the last whispers from a lingering dream.

“Walking on Stars” is just a beautiful, beautiful song, the kind that feels like a sonic flash of something sublime and otherworldly, but heard in slow motion. And considering J’Vine’s forthcoming album goes by the name of Embracing Eternity Within, this song will probably be like a star amidst an entire constellation.

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Sarah J’Vine – “Walking On Stars” Reaction
Befitting its name, "Walking on Stars" rises above and beyond our world's trivialities, all the way to the absolute classics of the ethereal sound.

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