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Ferris Pier – “Lift Me Up” Video Reaction

Ferris Pier’s “Lift Me Up” video, as well as the song itself, lives up to its name. The visuals are a succinct, but vivid narrative of a girl who literally needs some color in her life, and she finds it in daydreams of dancing under L.A.’s bright night lights.

The video is a prime example that you don’t need a budget which would be enough to buy a small island to make something fresh and memorable that complements the music perfectly, as long as you have a solid vision and you see it through. And the vision behind the “Lift Me Up” video is solid and universally relevant – it’s a lively tribute to that pivotal moment when you finally decide to answer the long-suppressed urge for a change, which in this case is embodied in color and some pretty cool pop-lock.

The aspiring dancer’s inner world and secret wishes are beautifully illustrated in the circus of lights which dance unrestrained on the surface of her bedroom’s wall. She decides to make the leap of faith and follow them to the big city with a dancing step.

The “Lift Me Up” video utilizes the pronounced contrast between black-and-white on the one hand and a feast of colors that conjure up the vibrant city nightlife on the other, to paint a gray backdrop of stagnancy and dissatisfaction against which the character’s dreams can truly pop.

Just an all-around positive, dynamic video with a simple, but well-thought-out narrative, structure, and execution.

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Ferris Pier – “Lift Me Up” Video Reaction
The "Lift Me Up" video lives up to its name. A succinct, but vivid narrative of a girl who literally needs some color in her life.

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