Episode 2: Taking All Bets on the Oscars | Season 2

It’s Oscars season! And just like we did with the Grammys, we’re giving our picks on who and what we think will be the big winners of the night. Considering there were so many big names this year like Moonlight, La La Land, Fences, Manchester by the Sea, and others, it should be a crazy night. We also had to touch on how NY reacted to the travel ban (sorry we had to), and later in the show we give our thoughts on the movies we saw from the Best Picture category and whether we thought this year’s diversity was constructed or just a happy coincidence. Check out the full episode above and you can see the time-stamps for the various topics below.

How NY reacted to the travel ban – 01:28

Placing our bets on the Oscar winners – 07:22

Our thoughts on the Best Picture nominees – 28:00

This year’s nominees; constructed diversity or happy coincidence? – 49:42


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