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Katy Perry – Witness Reaction

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I’ll admit it, I’ve never heard a single Katy Perry album before. Outside of the singles that I’ve think everyone’s heard, I haven’t had much of an opinion about her as an actual artist. However, I was curious about Witness as she is going through the same phase most high-profile acts go through – she’s lost a lot of her luster, her last album didn’t do as well as expected, and now she’s found herself at a sort of career crossroads. Could she reignite her fire or would she go the way of some many ‘once was’ acts that get supplanted by newer talent?

“‘Cause every day’s the same
Definition of insane
I think we’re running on a loop
Déjà vu
So tell me something new”

Like most other pop acts in her position, most recently Gaga, she’s stated that Witness would be her most personal album yet and one where she would really show off her musicianship. Going as far as drastically changing her look for something edgier. Outside of a few songs, I really didn’t get that vibe from her music. Most of her attempts at true introspection feel shallow and almost tabloid-ish and in terms of actual musicianship, I’m still not convinced she’s got a ton of it. She’s got a great voice and always has, but she’s always been largely carried by her production and that doesn’t change here; the production is the best part of the album for me. Katy Perry promised something that would be career altering but instead we got just another generally solid pop album that doesn’t stray too much from typical formula.

Have you heard Witness? What’d you think about it? Do you think Katy Perry did much to reinvigorate her career? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions for the album.

Katy Perry - Witness
Witness Reaction
Katy Perry promised meaningful pop music and something career altering but instead we got more of the same generally solid pop music that doesn't go more than waist deep.
Deja Vu
Chained to the Rhythm
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