The Flenser & Friends Announce a New Compilation Tribute to Low

Featuring eight cover songs by Flenser artists and friends

The Flenser & Friends announce new compilation, Your Voice Is Not Enough, a tribute to Low. Your Voice is Not Enough stands as a heartfelt tribute to Low, a project born out of a conversation with Planning For Burial’s Thom Wasluck and The Flenser.

Inspired by the nuanced beauty of Low’s discography, what began as a discussion on ranking favorite albums blossomed into a collaborative effort that brought together our close-knit group of Flenser artists and friends. Regrettably, the compilation took shape before the tragic passing of Mimi Parker, and in honoring her legacy, we dedicate this album to her memory, celebrating the profound impact she left on the music world.

The tribute features eight cover songs by Flenser artists and friends, including Cremation Lily, Holy Water, Midwife and Amulets, Drowse featuring Lula Asplund, Kathryn Mohr, Planning for Burial, Have A Nice Life, and Allison Lorenzen — the latter of which has just premiered.

Allison Lorenzen is a musician hailing from Southern Colorado. She brings her darkwave dream pop sound to the project, exploring a minimalist approach to acutely felt noise-pop and aching slowcore. Her debut solo album, Tender, received critical acclaim upon its release in 2021 under Whited Sepulchre Records. Notably, Allison Lorenzen and Midwife’s 2023 cover of Bush’s 1994 alt-rock hit “Glycerine.”

Your Voice Is Not Enough, track listing:

  1. Weight of Water by Cremation Lily
  2. Sunflower by Holy Water
  3. Do You Know How to Waltz by Midwife and Amulets
  4. Hey Chicago by Drowse ft Lula Asplund
  5. Cut by Kathryn Mohr
  6. Words by Allison Lorenzen
  7. Murderer by Planning for Burial
  8. When I Go Deaf by Have a Nice Life
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